Sand Ceremony Song

Unity sand ceremonies have become a popular alternative to the more traditional unity candle ceremonies.  But until now there has been something and songs that compliment the meaning and beauty of the sand ceremony. 

But finding music for your sand ceremony is no longer a problem!  Singer-songwriter Spencer Durham has written and produced the Sand Ceremony Song as perfect compliment to your wedding.  The Sand Ceremony Song was released in March 2009 by Cavender Castle Entertainment on their CD Sand Ceremony Songs.  The lyrics, melody, and length of the Sand Ceremony Song has been written to enhance your unity sand ceremony like no other song or musical arrangement.  And, we have designed a complete kit to make it easy to incorporate this moving Sand Ceremony Song into your wedding.  Here is a video slideshow that demonstrates how one venue uses this song will bring the Unity Sand Ceremony to life:

On a budget?  Simply download the Sand Ceremony Song and have it played at the appropriate time during your sand ceremony.  The Sand Ceremony Songs CD contains versions sang as a duet, female solo, and male solo. 

Have a talented singer in your family?  Use one of our karaoke versions of the Sand Ceremony Song and help your singer create a special moment during your wedding.

Planning on having a string ensemble play during your wedding?  We have included sheet music that will allow your musicians to play the Sand Ceremony Song live.

Want something truly special?  Make arrangements to have Spencer Durham play guitar and perform his Sand Ceremony Song live during your wedding!   Contact us for all the details.

No matter what you are looking to do for Sand Ceremony Music, you will find the answers here!